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Throwing Out The “Worship Set-List”


If you look hard enough online, you will see a wealth of worship-related websites that draw a huge fascination to the act of “sharing your Sunday set-lists.”  There was a time and place when this appealed to me to – but those days have just about gone.  Today, I would just assume throw out the Sunday set-list as it stands rather than share it.  Don’t tune me out just yet.  Hopefully you’ve learned enough about me by now to know I’ve usually got a well-intended point coming somewhere.

It isn’t that I think sharing set-lists are bad.  Some of my favorite blogs that I read on the interwebs have a tendency to share set-lists.  I have just started to realize something very valuable lately:

The worship set-list I keep  – the one that is a true reflection of my worship this week – would bring little value to anyone trying to figure out a great song flow.  My worship set-list would start like this…


You see, the songs we are singing as worship leaders are simply just celebrations of worship…not the sum of how we have worshipped.  My worship is how I have lived my life Monday – Saturday…when no one is looking…when there is no one to show a set-list of my actions to.

My ultimate worship set-list has to be that which I have when it is just me and God in the quietest of places. 

The songs I sing on Sunday?  Those are a celebration to God in response to the worship I’ve had with Him both privately and publically throughout the week.

If you honestly want to see songs and artists that I may cover in a church – check my iPod.  If you want an accurate gauge of what my worship set-list for life is, then pray for me daily that I am leaving no stone unturned to be able to worship Him.

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3 thoughts on “Throwing Out The “Worship Set-List””

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  3. Kevin Riner says:

    I just came across your blog. I like what I see. I am always open to people’s thoughts and I am open to yours on this post. However, (you gotta love that word huh) where I think something may be lacking is obviously the definition of worship. Where I agree with you is your worship list. That’s so true. Unfortunately we have come to call the musical portion of church worship and so obviously things get defined in a misguided way.

    The ones I follow call it Sunday Setlist rather than Worship setlists. Maybe it should be called something rather than worship setlists. So I get your point. It’s a good one. Unfortunately I don’t see anything changing anytime soon an relabeling the musical portion of church… mainly cause no one can agree on what it should be called.

    1. mm
      Jason Whitehorn says:


      Thanks for the feedback – I appreciate hearing it and like what I see on Yahweh Songs. With that being said (lol…thats about like a “however”, isn’t it…) my point of the article is mainly about how the list doesn’t have that grand of an application to any one else since the songs we sing at one campus should be community focused. If your community is thriving and life is in full celebration mode, then the songs you sing may be reflecting celebration. If I am the worship leader in a community that just had a really bad tragedy…school shooting, a mining community with a mine collapse, etc…then my songs are going to be much different.

      I hope that we will become more focused on doing songs for our own communities instead of trying simply to emulate others. The whole article came about from a Facebook post I saw from a worship leader who informed his friends that he “rarely (has) to come up with a set because (he) is subscribes to about three different (worship leader) blogs that post their weekly set lists. Keys-themes-flows and everything is already set for me.” I have to imagine that there are other worship leaders who do the same thing. It was on my heart to talk about it. Hopefully I made a little more sense in my reply than I did in the article.

      Keep going with Yahweh Songs! Love what I see there!



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