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Tim Timmons: “Cast My Cares”

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He had me right at “You are the air held in our lung – its not enough if we’re not breathing.” – and, being the sucker for real lyrics combined with relevant music, Tim Timmons had me from track 1 to the closing 11th track of his new album Cast My Cares.

Sounds Like:

TimTimmons2012_DALEYHAKE#62Tim Timmons has a unique sound all his own. His voice is distinct – while his music can be Bruno Mars one second, Jason Mraz the next, and still Steven Curtis Chapman the next. There is a dynamic that one can’t escape from listening to his music when you learn that he was diagnosed with an incurable cancer – it’s one that doesn’t sound in a dark deep place – but one that sounds like he is constantly celebrating. Fitting, isn’t it? If one cantruly Cast My Cares – then they would be, in turn, free to sing as carefree about anything – come what may, right? Beautiful. Simply amazing.

The Theology:

Timmons’ songs are deep and rich with theological truth. They stem from God’s presence in the beginning before creation and work through the creation of man in songs like “For Your Glory”, the truths from Psalms of God’s endurance even our weakness as poured out in “Great Reward”, and much more. This is not your typical “Woah ohh oh, yeah” album – Cast My Cares is rich in truth.

For the Worship Leader:

This is an album that is great for personal listening and for “focus” songs – but it is not without some great songs to add for your modern congregation to sing/teach. Look for “Only One Standing”, “Holy Unfraid”, and “Cast My Cares” to be well received by your congregations.

Stuck on my iTunes/Spotify:

“Holy Unafraid” stays on repeat. Love it.

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