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To Choir…or Not To Choir

To choir…or not to choir. That is the question – and the debate.  I’ve been in several churches – and all had a different approach to choirs ranging from “can’t live without it” to “what is a choir?”

We find specific references of “men and women singers” that are set out and called out as a separate group from the rest of the temple in Nehemiah 7:66-67 :

The total count for the congregation was 42,360. That did not include the male and female slaves who numbered 7,337. There were also 245 male and female singers.

The absense of a mention of choirs within the New Testament church has led many to the impression of “choirs are Old Testament liturgy.  We don’t have a choir because it is not a requirement of worship.”  Although I would agree that a choir is not a requirement – there has to be a specific reason that these singers were called out.  Based on the approach that the Word takes on music and singing within both the Church – and the individual’s worship needs, I would gander that these “singers” were set aside specifically to augment the worship environment.

With that being said – does it matter if a choir is present on stage with robes?  Or is worship still augmented by having these “choir members” as “lead worshipers” in the midst of worshipers?