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To Speak…Or Not To Speak?



Do you find yourself talking too much as a worship leader?  Perhaps you’ve been challenged to talk a little more during transitions?  We’ve discovered that most worship leaders fall into one of two categories:

1.  They either talk too much…

2.  …or they don’t talk at all.

So where is the line of division?   What is too much or too little?  We thought we would help in a series called “To Speak or Not To Speak” in an effort to help each of us learn to be better communicators from the platform.

Click here to begin reading the first article in our series from Rick Muchow.

By the way – if you want to dive deeper into this subject and a ton of others – I would like to personally invite you to join a coaching event called “Worship Rocket”.  Worship Rocket is led by some of the most brilliant minds in worship – men and women that I have had the pleasure of speaking at conferences with and gaining plenty of knowledge from in my lifetime.  To learn more about Worship Rocket, click here.

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