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Too Big For Jabez’s Britches


A few years ago, a few short sentences in the Bible took the nation by storm in the form of a book.  A man, who little was known about or talked about, who said a very simple yet powerful prayer soon became a prayer spoken around the world by millions.

Oh, to be like Jabez … to ask that God would enlarge our territory.

I am convinced that God can do just that.  Whether He thinks we are ready for the increase is another story.

My son took a huge interest in hunting a few years back.  He was ready to jump right into carrying a gun and tagging his first deer.  I had to quickly explain to him the level of trust and care involved in carrying a gun – and very soon, every step he took in life related somehow to that act of hunting.  

When he forgot to take the trash out…

"Son, it is important to remember your responsibilities in life…like your chores.  Remember…if I can’t trust you with the small things, I can’t trust you with the bigger things like carrying a loaded gun."

When he rushed through steps on his homework…

"Son, we can’t skip steps in homework.  Each step is important.  Its like hunting.  What happens if you forget your safety on the rifle and take off walking?  If I can’t trust you with the small things…."

You get my picture.  Yes, I was the same way when I was young…but I am likely the same way now.

You see, while I pray to have my territory increased…does God need to look at me and say "thats GREAT son! I’m glad that you want more territory…but what have you done to reach those in your neighborhood who are lost?  What about the 83% of your county who are lost?  If I can’t trust you to minister to the territory you have before you…why give a larger territory?"

Don’t get me wrong….God can and will do great things despite of my shortcomings.  Yes, God can enlarge my territory and give me a great ministry to work with – but I think my honest prayer should be Jason’s prayer:

"Lord, allow me to be the most effective in Your work each day with each person I encounter…and allow me the vision to see that your vast territory begins in my front yard as well as my back."