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2 thoughts on “Too Hard…Too Soft”

  1. janelle says:

    I firstly have to say, ‘Arghhh.’ Now that over with, is that a performance or in a worship setting? Makes a huge difference. Performance – well OKish but for worship – NO, NO, NO.

  2. Jim LaRue says:

    I looked at the Michael Vigilante video and saw that he’s dancing like Michael Jackson (not that great a job of it!). Would I find this distracting? It’s more like comedy. What I find distracting in Christian music is “pretty Christian girls singing sexy for God.” Sultry voices, moaning, etc. It’s all over the Christian music scene. A style more appropriate for singing about her boyfriend than about God. Very distracting and annoying. I was checking out a song for Sunday worship, Hosanna, sung by Brooke Fraser. (Link here: ). In and of itself, a song with good lyrics. But the method of delivery is distracting. The message of the words is good, but the question is, is the medium the message, or are the lyrics the message? I would say, according to the presentation, the medium is the message, with that sultry photo and her bedroom voice.
    I suppose some people will say that she is just being herself, or that she’s reaching young girls with a Christian message – in other words, there would be a good reason given for this and denial that there could be any acceptable reason for not liking it.
    My take on it: if you’re going to sing like this, sing about sex and relationships. It’s a good style for getting that message across. If you’re going to sing for God, tone it down a little, at the very least.
    Jim L.

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