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Tornado rips through Middle Tennessee. Prayers needed.

Yesterday, God brought me home safely…not even knowing what was about to lie ahead. I walked in thr door – said hello to my wife – and then walked over to find my kids playing on the Playstation. I took a little time to play a game with them…when my wife says, “you may want to look at this. This doesn’t look good.”  I took a look at the television and say a huge wallcloud that was bearing down hard on the whole southern Nashville metro area (Franklin, Brentwood, LaVergne, Smyrna, Murfreesboro, etc).

I got the kids in our master bath and started watching the skies.  I had calls from friends and family talking about the tornadoes already spotted.  I prayed for a friend who called her husband to tell him that she was “safe” at The Avenue – and had gotten in just as they were locking the doors.

I think “safe” was a very selective term for all of us.  I’m not scared of much – but I remember kissing my wife…scared that it could be the last time.  The storms, hail, circulation, and tornadoes passed…and the reports came in from the television stations.  I thanked God that we were safe – and prayed for those who were not as lucky.

As I sit in the comfort of my home – my sound home – I talked on the phone with my friend, trying to give her directions on how to drive back home once the coast was clear.  Every road I told her to turn down was blocked – how could I tell without being there?  How could any of us tell without being there.

I remember hearing that there were no reports of deaths…but lots injured.  The pictures and the news feeds began hitting all the networks.  And it still hasn’t completely set in.  Then, I saw a friend from LifePOint update their facebook page with this video.  The reality started sinking in.  How close were we to loosing it all?  How easy is it to thank God for keeping most of us safe….and would we trully be able to give the same praises if we lost everything?  I suer hope I would…and I pray that I never have to find out.

Please pray for all of our area.  There is a lot of pain – a lot of rebuilding – and a lot of emotions.  Please help pray for those affected…and pray that we’ll all “praise Him in the storm”….