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Twitter V 1.0 created in 1935

Ok….so the title is a bit misleading – but this find is actually cool.  Take a look at this newspaper article from the 30’s.  It seems that London had a break in “technology” that was very similar in concept to Twitter.


The article came from a September 9, 1932 article printed in the London Times.  The article itself was a followup to previous articles on “correspondance in The Times proposing that British railway stations might, like those in Japan, provide facilities for messages from one person to another to be displayed.”  You can read more about it here.

Little quick messages from folks you may know all in a row to let others know what their “status” is.  Amazing concept!  I wonder if the folks who made Twitter took any queues from this?

Anyone able to find this version in Japan that seemingly pre-dates 1932?  I’d love to hear about it!