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Using A Capo For Variations

Most guitarists are well versed in their G, C, D, A, and E shapes – and would prefer to play in shades of those shapes. So when a good old F#m7 comes along – I’d dare say that over 80% are reaching for the capo. The truth of the matter is that the capo can aide you in more areas than simply playing chords you aren’t as comfortable with in shapes you are.

In today’s worship setting, the dynamic has changed to the degree that there may be two acoustics on the same stage. Two acoustics playing the same shape doesn’t leave any area for the song to breathe. A simple adjustment with a capo can easily give the song a different voice.

We’ve created a new Capo Transposition Chart to help you better understand how to play the same key in a different shape. After the jump, we’ll give it to you free and give you a quick video to show you how to use it.

You can download our handy “got worship? Capo Transposition Chart” by clicking here.