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Vocals, Song Writing & More on Day #3 NWLC10

I am amazed at all the effort into teaching song writing. I think I have been to more workshops, seminars, and classes on song writing. BUT there is always something to learn.

I started the day coming in right at 9am sipping on my Chai tea while the worship was starting. Nathan and Christy we leading worship and I was amazed at not only the quality but the authenticity of their worship and leading. They are truly an inspiring example of husband and wife leading worship together on a team. Shortly after entering the auditorium enjoying my tea.. I found myself needing to set my cup down, forget about it and just start entering into deep worship. They led “Healing Is In Your Hands” as they sung i was overwhelmed by God’s presence and once again for the 3rd or 4th time I broke down and wept during worship.

When they were done David Nasser came up to speak and he is a gifted speaker. Spoke right to my heart. This man is hilarious, I thoroughly enjoyed his teaching from Isaiah 41:9-10. One thing I know for certain through everything I am facing right now is that God has me in His hands. I am His servant, He has chosen me and not rejected me. And God Himself with hold me and help me and give me strength. This is such an encouragement to my heart right now.

The vocal technique seminar I went to made me feel like I have a lot to work on and a lot to practice in order to develop this gift God has given me. I took vocal lessons in the past… but the practice and warming up my voice properly and the reminders of how we sing properly were very good for me to hear again.

The Song writing workshop with Lenny Leblanc (There Is None Like You) was very good. This man is a genius of writing songs. He has done it since the 70?s which is a long  time to me. He played a few parts of songs for us and I was so impressed, his voice is so sweet, smooth and soothing. I could be led in worship by him very easily. What a talent this man has. I would actually love to hear more of his stuff.

Paul Baloche’s take on Song writing was what I needed today. He came in, in a hurry and just road the high through the class. He was hilarious, which I did not expect because most song writing classes/workshops I have been to have been rather mello and almost sombre, full of great insights and details. Paul was full of story and laughter and joking around. He is oozing with melodies… and rode them into singing old songs of many genre and ages… and had us all laughing. His joy was infectious. What I learn most from him was to just start writing again, to constantly be looking for inspiration and most importantly just go with it… follow the feeling of the song. I needed to hear this because I often shut down my song writing process cause it doesn’t fit the rules… or I can’t find the right words. Paul just encouraged us to keep the song going.. and figure out the words… etc. after.

Another thing is that 90% of his songs have come out of leading worship/praying at his local church. In the middle of his service, he is praying and ideas come. This is so important.

My mind if full and overwhelmed by God’s goodness and tonight has not even begun yet! SO looking forward to Paul Baloche & others leading tonight and hearing Buddy Owens speak.

more later… if my mind can settle down and write more of this great experience.


(Curtis won our contest from to get to go to NWLC and has been blogging about his trip.  We are thankful for his guest contributions.)

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