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Volunteers – Why YOU May Be Hurting Servitude In The Church

Yesterday, we urged you to STOP USING VOLUNTEERS! Instead, we encouraged you to call those who serve within your church what they are – “those who serve”. Today, we want to look at a major way that churches and church leaders can kill off the resources they have within a church without even knowing it – and it stems from failing to know how to properly utilize one key word:


In the church – we “assimilate” by bringing people into our church community and finding where they best plug in. This is a delicate process that should involve an intimate process of finding the strengths of the individual and the passions and callings they have had clearly dealt to them.

All-too-often, we tend to put the cart in front of the horse: We see a need in the church that needs to be met; we see that no one is meeting that need; we find someone who isn’t doing anything and convince them that they should be serving. When this happens, we tend to place the wrong people in the wrong areas. Could the task survive? Absolutely! Could it fail? Quite possibly. The reality, however, is that if the person who is placed in the area of need is not passionate about the work – yet is passionate about another area of servitude – then any flame that may be lit for the short term may become easily extinguished.

So how do we keep the flames burning long an hard? The answer is pretty easy :

…use the right fuel to begin with.

I would much rather take a little more time to fill a need in a church that isn’t being met by looking for the right person to fill it then by expecting that its “anybody’s job” to do it…and asking someone to fill a role they might not be best equipped for. In the end – I may very well take that person away from serving in an area that may greatly benefit from their serving…all because I have them occupied in the wrong areas.

With all this being said…let me ask…does your church have an Assimilations Pastor? If not – why not? If so – have you seen the benefits? Join in the discussion below in the comments box beneath this article. Tomorrow – we will look at ways to keep those who are serving … well…”happy” servants.