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Worship Leader Magazine is currently accepting nominations for the 2013 Reader’s Choice Awards. This is the 2nd year that the magazine has reached out to readers to get their input. Back when we were known as, we were honored to have Worship Leader Magazine pick us as one of the top 10 worship websites. We would love to introduce a whole new community of worship leaders and team members to .

So – here’s what we are asking of each of you:

  1. Visit Worship Leader Magazine’s survey online here:
  2. Give your opinions on as many categories as possible
  3. We’d DEFINITELY love for you to write in “” under the section “6. Online Worship Resources (this does not include planning)
  4. Pass this article along to your friends and ask them to do the same!

NOTE: Make sure to hit “next” at the bottom of each page until it allows you to submit.

While, yes, we are most interested in having you put down our name, we would love to ask for you to fill out as many as possible to assist Worship Leader Magazine in knowing how to better gear the magazine for each of you.

Well….what are you waiting for? Go forth and nominate! (please.)