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Want an autographed album from Sixteen Cities?


Want a chance to win some of today’s best music before it ever even hits your friends’ mp3 players? got worship? Media and Centricity Music are teaming up to bring you the brand spanking new self titled debut album from Sixteen Cities…FREE!

By signing up below, you will automatically be entered into our drawing, get a chance to hear some of the new album cuts first hand, learn more about the band that radio stations are talking about this week….plus…three lucky people will be selected to receive an autographed copy of the new album from Sixteen Cities!

What are you waiting for? Registering is simple. First, enter a couple of bits of information to sign up for the got worship? Media New Music Brigade and we will transport you to Sixteen Cities new Facebook page. There, click on the "Become A Fan" button and leave the band a comment. It really is that easy!

Ready for the first step? Click the album cover for Sixteen Cities below, fill out the info…and you’ll be on your way!!!

DEADLINE TO ENTER IS FRIDAY, APRIL 16th!!! – for 1st giveaway