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Want to Download “Never Alone” for FREE? Grab it for ONE Day Only!


For ONE day only – until January 1st, 2017 – you can get the new single from Jason Whitehorn –  “Never Alone” – for FREE by simply giving up tweet on your twitter timeline to help support the song.

It’s our hope that this song of encouragement will spread like wildfire!  Help us spread the message of hope!

Use the button below to post to Twitter and grab your copy today.  Hurry!  The downloads stop at midnight!

(Don’t have twitter?  No problem.  Post the following message on Facebook and make sure to tag Jason Whitehorn in it.  Follow Jason at to tag.  Post the following message in its entirety:)

Download the new single “Never Alone” from Jason Whitehorn!  “Share” and “Like” this message for a chance to win FREE music! 

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Want to own the song on iTunes or Amazon and help out Jason?  Already downloaded the song and want to gift it on Amazon or iTunes to someone else?  Use the links below to purchase “Never Alone” on iTunes or Amazon.

Buy “Never Alone” on iTunes here

Buy “Never Alone” on Amazon here