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Want to see God at work via technology?

Technology is huge…we use it every day. It seems we can’t escape it.  Here is one bit of tech that I could probably get satisfied watching all day.

The technology you are watching above plots out people accepting Jesus Christ across the globe from various sources.  You see the cities that pop up as yellow?  Yep…anytime you see the yellowish color…someone has accepted Jesus.  When you see a reddish tint – someone is asking lots of the right questions and awaiting follow-up from an encourager to talk to them.

Why this post?  I can assure you that it isn’t for you to see push pin representations of salvation…nope…you know me better.  There is a point burried somewhere.

God is more current with technology than we will ever dream of being or moreso than we give him credit for.  So many people are connected online.  Still, we spend more time spreading fertilizer on Facebook Farmville than we do spreading the Gospel to make a difference in someone’s life.  With all of this technology in front of us….right underneath your nose at this very moment….

…what have you done to put a small little blip on the screen above?  Use the technology that God has given us…and find a way to use it daily for God’s glory!