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We Are Nashville – The Untold Story

No, don’t read my words…watch the video first.  This is reality.  Then, if you can still resist the urge to get out and volunteer…then, and only then, come back and read.

Still here?

Yes, by all means I would love to see you posting "We Are Nashville" on your twitter and facebook pages…go ahead and put the "We Are Nashville" words on your avatars (I do as well) … and, yes, we can be upset at the lack of attention we are getting from media.  If the media presence doesn’t change what we, as individuals, are doing…it doesn’t really matter.

Here is reality : there are TONS of volunteers…yet still not enough.  Even today, my friends at Hands On Nashville were underpowered to run two water distribution points.  They need more volunteers.  Today, I received word from two studios who lost vital equipment in Nashville – but aren’t concerned with working on the studio today because of an area outside of Nashville where there aren’t near enough volunteers to rip out all the drywall and carpet quick enough.

This is not a one week recovery.  This is an ongoing thing.  It will take time.  It will take you.

Drive around.  Find an area that was hit…and stop and ask if you can assist.  I did that…and wore myself out with the number of people who said "yes, I could use it."  Was I a huge help?  Probably not….but the victims weren’t alone.  I took my son and my Small Group men out with me on another day.  We turned two days worth of work into an hour’s worth of work for them.  That was three men and a boy.  Imagine the impact we would have if we all did something?  I’ve seen the impact of nearly 100 men and women from my church going out in a community and helping…with nothing to gain for self…but everything to serve for others.

Already serving?  Don’t stop….not even for a minute.

Not serving?  Start NOW.  This very minute…SOMEONE needs your help specifically.  There is something you can do.  Find it. Plug in.  Do it.

This is worship – and we ARE Nashville.

Visit for more details on how.