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Wearing Your Senior Pastor’s Glasses



We have a strong tendency as worship leaders and worship pastors to feel as if we have our own agenda – and it just happens to “gel” with everything else that is going on in the church. Some of us even have senior pastors that are letting us get away with the mentality. The truth of the matter is that we need to strive to wear our senior pastor’s glasses daily and catch the same vision he has for the church.

If our vision is different for the church than our senior pastor’s – it is time to seek a new church. After all, the church has placed your senior pastor there for a reason – and a large portion of it was trusting them to cast vision. Trust in that vision. Trust in his leadership. Trust in the congregation that placed him in that position. Trust in God’s direction that called him there.

Still, there is another purpose that many young worship leaders and worship pastors miss out on when it comes to catching the senior pastor’s vision:

Catching the senior pastor’s vision brings maturity.

We grow from showing the humility to submit to someone else’s authority, vision, and strengths instead of imposing our own agendas. If you’ve ever tried walking while seeing double – you know it’s a little hard and very frustrating. The church is no different trying to be led under double vision. DON’T DO IT.

I have often said that any singer/musician worth their weight in salt could lead a congregation in singing. A mature worship leader, however, knows that a healthy congregation grows under proper nurturing. When we serve under God’s calling and in accordance with the vision of the senior pastor – the church becomes unified in a glorious direction.