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We’d like to thank…

We’re still pretty happy about the award we got from Worship Leader Magazine.  Recently, a new blogger asked me via email how we managed to gain such notoriety to be honored in such a way.  This particular blogger was hoping to emulate any and every strategy we had.   After all, we are only a couple of years old and have already been asked to be the Official Blog for GMA’s IMMERSE and an Official Blogger for the National Worship Leader Conference.  Things are doing well for the blog.

I thought I would take the time to answer the question for anyone else who is interested.  The biggest reason this site has gotten to where it is … is the most obvious.  There is no possible way that I could do anything that I am doing if it weren’t for God continually blessing the things that I am doing with the site and humbling me to keep the site running for His glory.

For everything thing else…I will happily contribute the success to a cartoon Asian friend! When I first started blogging, I primarily read two blogs : Carlos Whittaker’s and Kyle Campos’ (the later doesn’t get near the credit that he should.  Great blog…check him out sometime.)  The more I read Carlos’ blog and followed his tweets – the more I came across this other interesting guy on twitter named “@human3rror”.  Getting to know John Saddington has been nothing short of a blessing over these short years.  Since then, I follow every blog, website, and twitter account that he owns.  (Between him and Al Gore, I’m pretty sure that they shore up about 86% of the interwebs marketshare).  As sarcastic as I am sounding…I will genuinely and honestly tell you that you should follow him as well.

John Saddington has made a mark on Social Media, WordPress, Blogging, and the Interwebs in general … particularly as it pertains to all things ministry.  He is a wealth of information…and I have spent years just absorbing what he has had to say.  Over the years, his insights have taught me how to use tools like analytics, feedburner, MailChimp, and various plugins to make my blog the best it can be.  For that, John…I at least owe you this small space to tell you thank you.

For the rest of you…John offers his Ninja skills in blogging at a new blog (blog #2,365 of his I think) called free of charge.  You can learn some of his best kept secrets of blogging to hone your skills whether you are just starting out or have been blogging for years.  He is worth the read on a daily basis.

If you want to take your blog’s theme to the next level – you can give your blog a facelift by using one of John’s themes for your blog. is built on the best theme designed for WordPress – the Standard Theme.  You can find out more about it here.

So, John, thank you for your insights.  My blog wouldn’t be the same without you!