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Welcome to ! For those of you who are familiar with, you’ll be very familiar with many of the articles and the scope of this site. A couple of years back, we started asking ourselves “what is the key purpose of what we do?” Yes…we worship God. – but in practicality…”we lead worship.” It was out of that simplicity that we decided to embark on an adventure that is in three stages. The first stage is unfolding

in front of your eyes. We want a resource site where great quality content can be accumulated and read as well as provide live conferences and seminars and mentoring to worship leaders and teams. That phase…is right here.

Get acquainted with the new site as we shake off some of the dust in it’s BETA form. We’d love to hear your feedback below on what you think…and what you would like to see. Phase 2 and 3 are going to be even better!

One thought on “Welcome to”

  1. VemEurome says:

    Thanks for the resources for those of us who are worship leaders and can’t affod conferences otherwise! It is a blessing!

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