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We’re getting in gear for NWLC East 2010

We are very excited this year to bring you news and event as well as a daily wrap-up from the National Worship Conference East in Lancaster, PA.  The “East” Conference begins today with worship leaders from across the country and the world uniting in Lancaster, PA to grow closer to God through worship and learn how to be better worship worship leaders.

With a longlist of speakers and worship leaders like Dr. Leonard Sweet, Jeremy Camp, David Nasser, Paul Baloche, Christy Nockels, Travis Cottrell, Steve Berger, Buddy Owens, Matt Gos, and Evan Wickham – it is sure to be a great conference.

This year, we are blessed to have two sets of eyes and ears on the inside for those of you who are not attending.  We have partnered with our official guest blogger for from one of our great sponsors – Provident Label Group.  Provident is also mutually a sponsor of NWLC so the partnership is beautiful.  David Jordan is the Associate Director of Church Music Marketing for Provident and a personal friend of mine for years as well as a great worship leader.  He will be sharing his daily insights from the conference for those of you unable to make it and giving an archival memoir for those of you attending.

In addtion to David’s journal’s, we are more than proud to have the winner of our NWLC East Registration Contest sharing his experiences with us.  Curt Kent fought a long hard battle to make his way from Canada to Lancaster to win our contest and attend the conference – but, thanks to a “little” help from his home church, he pulled it off.  Curt, for the first time in his life, is trying a new experience in blogging – and giving us a first-hand look into how this conference is taking his life and doing something amazing already.

I am truly excited for the week’s events and praying for God to work in some awesome ways within the participants!