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We’re giving away free shirts!

Over the past few weeks – I have taken great pride in seeing something around the Nashville area.  In three different venues I have seen people up on stage wearing a “got worship?” t-shirt from the website.  It makes me smile to know that there are people out there supporting the site and it’s vision.

It is because of that vision – and “spreading the love” that I want to put our “got worship?” t-shirt in the hands of 10 lucky people for FREE!

What’s the scoop?  It is easy!  We want you to take the name of got worship? out into the communities and make a difference.  Leave us a comment below to let us know that you want a shirt and how you plan to make a difference.  We will pick 10 winners at random and send shirts to you Priority Mail.  We only ask two things of you: 1.) help us in this by covering the shipping and handling costs and 2.) snap a picture or a video of you sporting your shirt in worship, rehearsal, or serving the community.

We will take your pictures and videos and feature them here on got worship? in a future date.

Want a shirt?  Ready? Set?  GO!

6 thoughts on “We’re giving away free shirts!”

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  3. Carolyn Stearns says:

    If I had a hammer I’d hammer in the morning…. because we need to build up our relationships

    If I had a bell I’d ring it in the morning…we rang our church bell 300 times for 300 years of service 350 times for our carbon imprint desire and the youth rang first they are the future!

    If I had a song I’d sing it in the morning… I sing in church, I sing in the barn, I sing when my heart is heavy, my song, His Eye is on the Sparrow… I know he’s watching me!

    1. mm
      Jason Whitehorn says:

      Thanks for the comment and the recent tweet! We will certainly put you in the drawing for the free t-shirt!

  4. Melissa McKinnies says:

    Just wanted to say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blog! Just in the few short days that I have been coming here, you have dealt with almost EVERY problem/issue/concern/desire that I have been facing! It has been a true blessing to me and in turn, has been a huge blessing to our church! Because of this blog, we know have our information and services on YouVersion. I didn’t even know that app existed! LOL The sound blog was so pertinent…thank you for being a blessing! I pray God continues to lead you, so that you can help lead us!

  5. made2elevate says:

    Great site and I would love to sport a t-shirt; please enter my name in the drawing and thank you for the ads with West Coast Bible and Seminary-I’m completing my application as we speak!



    1. mm
      Jason Whitehorn says:


      Glad to hear you enjoy the site! Make sure you check “” on the Application under the “How did you hear” for some special goodness. I have really appreciated the way they do the online campus there at West Coast – and I am proud to have them as a site sponsor as well!

      Let me know if I can ever be of any help along the way!

      Serving with you,


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