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We’re giving away free shirts!

Over the past few weeks – I have taken great pride in seeing something around the Nashville area.  In three different venues I have seen people up on stage wearing a “got worship?” t-shirt from the website.  It makes me smile to know that there are people out there supporting the site and it’s vision.

It is because of that vision – and “spreading the love” that I want to put our “got worship?” t-shirt in the hands of 10 lucky people for FREE!

What’s the scoop?  It is easy!  We want you to take the name of got worship? out into the communities and make a difference.  Leave us a comment below to let us know that you want a shirt and how you plan to make a difference.  We will pick 10 winners at random and send shirts to you Priority Mail.  We only ask two things of you: 1.) help us in this by covering the shipping and handling costs and 2.) snap a picture or a video of you sporting your shirt in worship, rehearsal, or serving the community.

We will take your pictures and videos and feature them here on got worship? in a future date.

Want a shirt?  Ready? Set?  GO!