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We’re glad you’re here…we aren’t.

Welcome to the holiday season – time for time with family, Thanksgiving, Christmas, turkey, presents, fireworks, and resolutions! Let’s face it though…if you work…there is another joy that comes from many of these holidays…

…a four day weekend.

The biggest phenomenon that I see with these four day holidays is how we tend to treat Sunday services.  Look across most campuses in this great country and you will find senior pastors, worship pastors, youth pastors…well – scratch that – you won’t find them.  And, therein, lies the problem.

Why is it that these holidays routinely become the time that we have a skeleton staff to run the church?  The most common answer I hear is that “most people go out of town” and that it seems the best time to scale down.  The flipside of the coin to me is that your congregants who are going out of town are visiting another town.  At least a portion of those who are out of town are visiting an out of town church.  Does it not, then, make sense that our congregations will see visitors for the first time?  If that’s the case, should we not be offering our best to our visitors instead of telling them that “our senior staff is out of town as well…but here are our pinch hitters”.

Your turn!  What do you think?  Sound off in our live comments are below.  I’m curious to hear your thoughts…