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We’re Growing…Thanks To You!

We’ve been watching our web-traffic climb again over the past couple of weeks with visitors pouring in from all over the globe.  The reach that we are able to have from is nothing of our own doing…but God’s alone.  We’re growing…and we believe that it is because we are being faithful to a ministry we believe in – supporting you, our fellow worship pastors, worship leaders, worship team members, and choir members.

Recently, I was blessed with this message in my inbox:

“Just wanted to say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blog!  Just in the few short days that I have been coming here, you have dealt with almost EVERY problem/issue/concern/desire that I have been facing!  It has been a true blessing to me and in turn, has been a huge blessing to our church!  Because of this blog, we know have our information and services on YouVersion.  I didn’t even know that app existed!  LOL  The sound blog was so pertinent…thank you for being a blessing!  I pray God continues to lead you, so that you can help lead us!”

This is the barometer we use to know whether our existence with this blog is worth it – the fact that the daily effort, the monthly expenses, the time writing – whether any of it makes a difference for even one person.  We are happy to know that it has and does.

Here are just a few of the ways that we are growing this year – some things that we have already implemented and some that we are looking to in the future:

New for 2011

The Answer Bag

We are thrilled to have the added resource of Rick Muchow at our disposal.  Rick is the Worship Pastor at Saddleback Church – the same Saddleback that Rick Warren started and currently pastors.  Each month, we will bring you at least one Q&A session with Rick where he answers questions about worship teams, how-to’s, and other areas of interest.  We call it our “Answer Bag” – a place where we give you the opportunity to ask myself or Rick questions about worship and we will answer them for the entire audience to benefit from as well.

Interested in asking a question right now?  Ask away!

The “got worship? Community”

We’re starting something new for 2011.  Its simply called “The got worship? Community”.  It is a place where worshipers can come together and grow together and socialize.  We are still in development with this…and are only just now allow people to sign up for their own profiles.  Want to learn more?  Click the “Login” link up in the top menu bar.

The “got worship? Forum”

Want to discuss something worship related?  Looking for a job?  Have a job you need filled?  Take a look at our forum.  We just opened it up!

Click here for the forums.

The “got worship? Prayer Wall”

We believe in prayer.  We love having the opportunity to pray for you and want to give others the opportunity to pray for your needs as well.  Using our new “Prayer Wall”, you can enter a prayer request and then be notified when someone prays for you.  How’s that for getting a little boost of encouragement throughout the day?  You can also pray for other people or send in anonymous prayer requests as well.  Try it out below by clicking “SHARE YOUR PRAYER REQUEST”.

Try it out below or use it on your mobile device.

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