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We’re Looking For A Few Good Writers…


We’ve Grown…

We are happy to be growing – but constantly challenged to continue providing current and relevant information. To be frank – it amazes us that some many of you come on a daily basis to hear what we have to say. “got worship? Media” was founded by one man sharing his simple thoughts, rants, and praises…and it literally grew overnight. It started with just one person…one person with a thought to share.

I can’t help but think that there are others out there with a thought to share…we just want to provide you a vehicle.

Grow with us…

Got a worship related topic you can write about? We’d love to have you contribute as a regular or guest contributer on the blog! We are looking for for a few people who can write in one or more of the topics below:

  • Youth Worship Leading
  • Worship Planning
  • Worship Electric Guitar
  • Worship Acoustic Guitar
  • Worship Bass Guitar
  • Worship Drums
  • Worship Keys
  • Worship Piano
  • Worship Choir
  • The Worship Pastor/Leader’s Spouse (now THERE’s some interesting discussions!)
  • Audio Tech
  • Video Tech
  • Stage Worship Production
  • Drama
  • Worship Theology

Perhaps there is another area of interest you have? Let us know! Fill out the information below and take the first step!

Once you have completed the form above and successfully submitted it – click on the link below (that says “CLICK HERE”) to be taken to our registration page for new writers.

CLICK HERE for got worship? Media Writer/Blogger Online Registration

Writer Terms and Considerations

The articles you contribute for should abide by a few guidelines. First, all articles must be approved by the editor before placement on the site. After a trial period of th editor’s discretion, the writer may be self-published without permission of the editor. The posts you contribute to this site must clearly be written by you and cannot contain any material elsewhere copyrighted. The articles should not have appeared on any other sites unless the site in question is your own personal site that you have 100% control of. Posts should be in standard article form and over 200 words in length.