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What I Love About My Wife

All across the country today, men are paying attention to their wives. For some, it may be the first time this year that they have devoted time to their spouse. Keeping with the spirit that Valentine is more than just a card – I wanted to take a few moments to honestly and sincerely tell me wife why she rocks my world!

5. Her smile. The world can be upside down, in a rut, twisted and mangled from anything and everything horrid and my wife can give a genuine smile and the world goes away.

4. She truly is my “other half” – Where I fail…she is the victor. She knows my weaknesses…and she either becomes strong in that area – or pushes me to become strong myself. We can complete each other’s sentences and, often, know exactly what each other is thinking. Take away my other half…and I am half of a man.

3. She likes to dance…and I hate dancing! So why is this a good thing? Her love for dancing and my fear of dancing allows me to share something with her that is genuinely true and romantic. When we dance, it isn’t about a song. She gets this “special” look on her face that I cannot explain. It is a look of love. I rarely see that deep of a look any time other than when we dance. It is real. When we renewed our vows last year, I made a point as a surprise to her to dance with her on the dance floor. That was huge to me. I can perform before thousands with no issue…but I cant dance in front of family and friends without feeling veery strange. Guess I’ll never be a candidate for Dancing With The Stars!)( I had the privilege and honor to sing Steven Curtis Chapman’s “We Will Dance” to her at our reception…and then follow it up with a dance on the dance floor. I loved the way she looked at me. Guys…dance with your wives. Let her know that she is THAT special!

2. She is my biggest fan. I could care less if a million people like a song I wrote or performed. I care, however, if she does. She will, from time to time, sleep in old promotional shirts with my face on it “because they are comfortable”…but I know its because she loves me. I run any song I write now by her to see how it grabs her. I need that from her. I love randomly picking up the guitar just to play her a song or two. It makes her smile. See # 5.

1. She loves God – She loves God, earnestly seeks Him and wants to learn more about Him. You cant ask for more from a wife.

BONUS: She knows how to turn off the ceiling fan. That one…well…we will just err on the side of “she likes to save electricity.” Don’t understand it? Good…it probably wasn’t listed for your personal understanding – but we know exactly what I am talking about.