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What is the best acoustic guitar for worship?

Almost a year ago, I set out on a quest to answer the question:

“The best acoustic guitar for a worship leader/worship musician is _______________.”

I hate to tell you…I have yet to come up with the answer – but I can tell you without a doubt who would make such a guitar.

For years, I have listened to fellow musicians babble on about their Taylor guitars.  It was almost as annoying as listening to Mac users brag about their expensive Macs to those of us who still use *gasp* PC’s.  Then, about a year ago…I started working with someone from Taylor’s Customer/Artist Relations department.   She has spent the past year answering any question I had about Taylors and allowing us to try out many different flavors of Taylors to share the results with the readers here at .

Now, we can’t end here.  If all it took was having someone send a few guitars my way to sway my judgement, then we’d have plenty of guitar manufacturers to talk about.  My wife is insistent that I clean out my closet from some of these “sample” guitars that various companies have sent for us to review in the past year.  So what makes Taylor different?

The answer is simple.  Taylor has never once asked for any strings to be attached.  Taylor hasn’t “wined and dined me” like some of the other guys have.  Taylor hasn’t tried to influence my decision making process.  To be honest…Taylor is the only guitar company that doesn’t give me the guitars to keep!  They want the things back!

No, Taylor simply allowed me to make my own judgement.  Most of what I have judged Taylor on over the past year has been things that the public would never even know about.  Many of you know that I can become very vocal in the twittersphere.  I have, at any given time, over 5,800 people that hear my mini-blurbs via Twitter and Facebook.  When I complained one day on Twitter that five music stores in Nashville that I had called informed me that they didnt carry Taylor straps…I got a direct message, voice mail, and email from Taylor’s Relations Department … informing me that they had called around and personally verified for me where a strap was located in my area, verified the strap was in stock, and even gave me the address to the store just in case.

I’d love to go on and on about all the behind the scenes things that Taylor has shown their superiority in…but I know that each customer service case is different.  Yes, I did finally settle on a guitar of my own.  I made a trade and got my own Taylor 614ce.  It plays like a dream…and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

So maybe the better question isn’t “what is the best acoustic?” … but rather “who makes the best acoustic?”  Taylor has that one in the bag.

For the record…while I have other guitar manufacturers that are paying advertisers on our website….as of this post, Taylor is not…and has not been one of them.  My recommendation is offered as freely and honestly as they come.