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What is the most important task for a Worship Leader?



I’ve been honored to speak at various worship seminars and conferences – most of which lead to Q&A sessions. Of all the questions I have fielded over the years – one is pretty consistent:

What is the biggest piece of advice you can give to current or future worship leaders?

My answer…stay ahead of the beat.

Lost? No matter where you are right now at this very moment – give me a tap or a clap at about 60 beats or so per minute. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Keep the beat going while we dive in. I know many of you are ready to strangle me. “Jason, there are things FAR more important than the beat! What about all the things off the stage? What about giving honor and glory and worship to God every day? I’m with you…I really am…just keep the beat with me for a moment. This is the single most important piece of advice that I can pour out into you.

If you were to ask a number of people the question “how many people die on any given day” the answers would likely vary. Most people would guess wrong. Each day over 150,000 pass away. Now we, as Christians, understand that when someone passes…one of two things happen for their eternity. Based on studies, it is estimated that only 7% of the global population that passes away each day have been saved. Pretty scary. That leaves almost 140,000 who’s eternity isn’t as pleasant.

86,400 seconds in a day…


…139,500 new people (assumed by the research) to be spending an eternity in hell each passing day…


…still keeping your beat? If you are keeping a true 60 bmp tempo…then our research tells us that 1.6 people have died to a death of torment with each clap.


Did you stop clapping? I can understand if you did. Its hard to think about the fact that someone is losing out on Heaven with every clap…ever beat…every second. The truth is that it happens whether we keep the beat or not.

What is the most important advice I can give worship leaders? Always stay ahead of the beat. Remember that before we ever took the stage the first time to lead worship we were called to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel.” That didn’t apply to lead pastors and missionaries. It applied to ALL of us. Being a worship leader doesn’t fulfill some check-list of our responsibility as Christians.

Preach the Gospel to someone today. Don’t skip a beat. THEN sing.

THAT…is the biggest piece of advise I can give you.