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What Story Does Your Tree Tell?

We have certain ornaments on our tree that we simply wont part with that we have collected over our years together as a family.  Some of them that would seem so strange – so…out of place to the rest of the world if you didn’t know the rest of the story.  This year, my favorite ornament that literally brings a tear to my eye and pride and humility to my soul as I hung it on the tree is a plain green traditional ball ornament that has the “TNA Wrestling” logo on it.  Not many expect my closest friends and family will understand why it is so significant…but it is a strong reminder of my past year – and an even greater reminder of the journey I have had personally for the past year and a half prior.

So I ask each of you before we move on…what interesting hangs on your tree?  No need to explain why unless you feel the need to.

Thought about it?  Good.

Here’s a thought…we all hang our own memories on our Christmas trees each year as a reflection of various points in our lives.  We remember “baby’s first Christmas” or “our first Christmas together” or some other memory.  It is a once a year occasion to be hung on a tree and placed in a box shortly after the first of the new year.

Each time you get the tree out – think about something new.  None of those events were accidents.  They were carefully planned.  God had a purpose.  Yep…there was even a purpose for the extra time spent dealing with blown lights in a strand that worked “just fine” inside your house.  (Perhaps it means more one-on-one time with your spouse going through each bulb in the quiet of the night.  How rare is that time?)

God truly has a prupose for every thing.  Even the cross that His very Son died on.  Just like the tree we put up in our homes each year…our God made that cross…

…because He planted every tree.


…I sometimes wonder if, in a small way, the trees in our living rooms become God’s ornaments.