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What’s This Talk About KONY?

If you’ve been ANYWHERE on the internet in the past 72 hours…you have likely come across something about “KONY”.  You may have even come across something that looks like a political campaign ad that would make you think that this Kony fella is running for office somewhere.  Makes sense, right?  After all – this is a MASSIVE awareness campaign that is going on…but that is what we, as Christians, are so GREAT at doing…raising awareness.

Let me stop you for a moment.  I am going to rub some of you the wrong way for a moment – but I am going to say every word with sensitivity in love.  We raise awareness this day and age via twitter by sharing posts, updating our facebook images, offering our twitter for a cheap retweet…and then we go on with our day.  Our “awareness” has been fulfilled.  We may even wear a cool t-shirt about the “awareness” we are trying to raise or even cool little bracelets.  (Yep…I’ve worn several)  No…you aren’t wrong if you do any of these things…but if that is all you do…and you are satisfied with thinking you are done…

Which brings me to the full circle of …. KONY.  This is a real issue…an issue involving the lives of the innocent.    …an issue that won’t go away once we log off of our twitter, close out of facebook, or even once I’m done writing this well-intended article.  It is an issue that merits MUCH prayer and support.  Watch the video above…and do much more than simply become….”aware”.