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When Your Worship Service – Or Attitude…STINKS. God Doesn’t



It’s happened to you before – you wake up late to get to worship run-thru Sunday and run out the door only to find out you don’t have the right clothes, forgot to comb your hair, or a number of other annoyances. You get there three songs in…and embrarassed. Nothing is going right. Perhaps you are leading one of the songs that day…and your voice is HORRIBLE during your song because you haven’t warmed up. “Great – service is just 15 minutes away and there is no way to get this right,” you think. You make your way thru what you would consider that worst worship service on record and can’t wait to just go home and lick your wounds.

The “ok-service-is-over-now-everyone-go-home” canned music from Hillsong United is playing over the sound system while some stragglers hang around the sanctuary. You help wrap cords and talk to the bassist. “Dude, I was soooo off today!” “We all were. I missed the turn – and started the second song in the wrong key!” Just as the pity party is coming to an end…one of the church members comes up to the edge of the stage. “Hey guys, I wanted to thank you so much for the worship today,” she says. “I had invited a friend from work and she said that the music really moved her. She was so open to the message today. The whole worship really hit her. She is back at the Connections Center talking with someone about her choice to accept Jesus!

Yep. Those moments happen….

…even when we…

…and our attitudes stink.

God doesn’t.

Keep your focus there.

We often tell worship leaders and teams to “minimize the distractions”. What we fail to tell them too often is the second half of that logic…

[tweet_box]”As a worship leader…we need to minimize the distractions…and then don’t dwell on them.”[/tweet_box]

You do your thing for God’s Glory…

….let God do His. 😉