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Why I’m Climbing In The Backseat

I want to share this video with you from Cross Point Church.  Pastor Pete Wilson began a series there nearly a year ago called “Backseat Jesus” ( you can watch the entire series from – I think you’ll get something great out of it.) which has such a huge point.

It’s a point that I share with you because it is a dose of what I am am taking daily.  I spend my time writing a blog – appearing “holier-than-thou” in some people’s eyes…when I am wrenched with faults of my own.  I preached today at an elderly Saint’s funeral after scowling at half the traffic I passed to get there.  I came close to blowing off a potential friendship with a new young lead guitarist that played with us one Sunday only because he mentioned my former days on stage in the secular world.  It is something he thought was cool…but something I am annoyed by – so I shunned him.  I get up on the stage at church at lead worship after losing my temper with my wife the night before.


Because in my boldness – I pretend to have it all together.  I have Jesus in my life, right?  Oh, he’s there…but I’m keeping Him at arm’s length.  He’s in the backseat.

Why am I being honest? Because I need accountability…and I see 12,000 of you each month that can pray for people just like me.

Why?  Because I know that I am not the only one…and I know that I am not the only one who needs to get Jesus out of the backseat and behind the wheel instead.

Why? Because I may have a driver’s license…but Jesus has driven these roads more times than I.  He made the roads.  I’m handing Him the keys.