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Why Your Congregation Won’t Sing


I have seen a trend recently among bloggers who want to contribute about why your congregation isn’t singing. Either your key is too high…or you aren’t singing enough hymns anymore – it seems everyone has their reasons and most are valid. I’ve been preaching to this choir for years but few listen. I think the number one reason that fewer are singing is a direct result of the reason so few listen to the reasons:

1. We have become stage/platform focused instead of GOD focused.

We are focused on a day and age where we are more driven on creating on an experience rather than gathering God’s people together to worship Him. We are scared to death of having someone leave out of the doors of our church having not “gotten something” out of it instead of focusing on what we give to a deserving God out if our hearts. I love serving on a creative team that desires to give to God in worship instead of simply making experiences for memories. Leave room where the congregation can hear themselves singing out to God. Make sure that the separation in the congregation with a stage is only physical…but that there is no separation spiritually.

2. We have become too care-free with our writing in worship.

Yep. I’m calling out most of my peers who write worship songs. Read a hymnal every now and then. That was meat and potatoes back in the day. What we right most of the time is repetitious fluff with “whoas” and other noises as filler. Let’s call it as it is. We aren’t wholly glorifying a God who is deserving of so much more. God sent His Son for our sins. We could stop right there. As if that isn’t enough…we get the honor or brining others to know Him. Still others of us get the honor of a gift to write about Him and we….write cheese? Don’t waste a bit of paper anymore without asking “is this song fitting of God who created the gift He gave me to write this?” …and then ask if you would expect a congregation to lift up that same God with total reverence while singing it….or does it just sound cool? Songwriters….stop expecting congregations to sing songs to glorify God that are weak sauce. They are smarter than that.

3. What do YOU THINK is the biggest reason people aren’t singing? Share your thoughts in the comments below: