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Will Google Glass Become the New “Hipster” Glasses For Worship Leaders?


By now you have probably heard about Google Glass – and probably tried to scheme on how to get your hands on your own pair. Recently, I read that the creative gurus are working on a project called “Glassware” – a series of apps that use music and Google Glass in an interactive way. Imagine no more use for a confidence monitor. Imagine wearing these Star Trek-esque glasses and seeing the lyrics right before your eyes – even chord charts and messages from Planning Center Online – all without being noticed by the outside world…well….except for having space-aged glasses on your head.

But it begs to question. When I started leading worship…I would never DREAM that I would ever have need for a COMPUTER on stage with me. Now, seeing a MacBook Pro propped up on stage to run Ableton or another looping software is a common-place. What is to say that glasses like this are the wave of tomorrow.

What new technologies do you see in our worship future? Do you see technology taking worship too far? Chime in the comments below.