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Will Haiti Be Replaced By The Super Bowl?

I post this video with no caution whatsoever yet I feel the need to explain the reason why there is no caution.  I explain because I fear that I will get an email from someone saying “why use World Vision?  You should use Compassion International!”  Then, if I use a video from Compassion International, I get emails from folks saying “why not use World Vision?”  Don’t balk at it…I’ve already gotten flack over the Compassion International ticker I have in the margin.  Truth be known, I have a child sponsored with World Vision and I also give money to Compassion as an artist.  They are both great organizations.

Here is the punchline though.  Who cares.  I can tell you this much…neither the founders of World Vision nor Compassion International care right now which one you have a preference for 1/2 as much as they care they you reach out and help with the efforts in Haiti.  There are children who need to have foster homes, families that need to be fed, shelters that need to be established, rubble that needs to be moved, bodies to be found and buried – and lives that need to be rebuilt.

Sadly, there are many us that are tired of hearing about Haiti who would have never even clicked on this article if I had not mentioned the Super Bowl.  There are even more who can’t find a few dollars to throw at the Haiti efforts but can unload plenty on queso dip and chips for a Super Bowl party.

Am I bitter?  No.  Am I pleading…yes.  Take a moment and DO something.

You want to help World Vision?  Details are here…

You want to help Compassion International? Details are here…

Lets take a minute and put down the politics, put down the Pat Robertson debates, stop choosing sides…and realized that we are blessed with what we have…no matter how little it is – and have a phenominal resource of outreach to spread a message of hope and help.


“‘Don’t forget us!’ That is the phrase I am hearing more and more. The fear is that Haiti will fade from our minds by Super Bowl Sunday and compassion fatigue will set in.” -Rich Stearns, World Vision US President in Haiti