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Worship Confessional : The Story Behind “God of the City”

LifePoint Church :
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Interested to see how YOU can play a part in changing the world for God? Visit . LifePoint Church started “Sending Church” to be the church…where there is no church. Bangkok is just one of our Glocal campuses that is already seeing growth. Allow me to correct that…it
s quite an understatement. God is actually helping kick doors down within a culture filled with Buddhists because of people just like you who prayed and decided that they were going to GO and HELP spread the Word of God. As a result…our team there has already been able to utilize a Buddhist temple to reach kids…and teach them English…by teaching them the Gospel.

What difference could that make in a young child’s mind in Bangkok? What if our team members had decided that they could not give up their US homes? What if we all did the same thing? What if you are doing that…right now? HELP >> GO >> SEND.

Team Bangkok Nonthaburi Camp from brett clark on Vimeo.