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Worship Leader Gathering

Are you in the Nashville-Metro area? Are you a worship leader or pastor or serve on a worship team? We’d love to fellowship and connect with you as we learn from each other, build each other up, and connect with each other each month in our 2013 got worship? “Worship Leader Gathering”.

Each 1st Saturday of each month, we will select a location to meet for breakfast and fellowship (in the past we’ve done this at an IHOP) for coffee, water, or a full on breakfast while we discuss things relevant to our world in worship. This year, we will look to provide guest speakers, songwriting clinics, as well as full hands-on worship training for your entire worship teams on select dates.

We’d love to know if you are interested. Please do us a favor and leave a comment in the area below with your name and twitter/facebook/email/phone info if possible. We’d love to connect…and look forward to meeting with you!

Oh…almost forgot. No, you don’t have to be from this area to drop in. If you are from out of state and happen to be in the area…we’d love to have you! If you feel like traveling – stop on by!