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Worship Leader Pet Pet Peeves: The Green Room

It happens at churches around the country each week. The worship team takes the congregation through a moving worship experience – and then leaves the stage to make way for the pastor. After a quick bathroom break, they gather together backstage or in a secluded room…the green room.

In the safety of the “green room” the team drinks coffee, talks about the worship set, talks about what they did over the past week, discuss sports and any other topic. It is great fellowship with the team – and the fellowship usually lasts until its time to walk on the stage for the next service – or until church is over. While it’s great fellowship for the team – it is damaging to the congregation they serve. If you fall into this practice – change it.

Make it a point to be in the service for the sermon. If you have multiple services, sit in for just one sermon. Ultimately, there may be a message YOU need to hear. Secondary to that – if the congregation never sees that YOU actively participate in the WHOLE worship service…then how can you possibly ask them to engage in the same way?

When the service is over – make sure that you are right outside the doors of the sanctuary to greet and talk with those in attendance. They may have a word that they need to share with you – and you may just the person to pray for someone in need.

The bottom line – worship leaders need to be more than just song leaders. We need to have a pastoring nature that connects with our community. The question is – are you connecting…or camouflaging amidst the green colors in your green room?