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Worship Leader/Pastor Coaching


Worship Leader/Pastor Coaching

Looking for ways to grow your worship team?  Don’t have a team and need some coaching to help build a team?  As a worship leader/pastor – I have a passion to help other worship leader/pastors build passionate worship teams.  I have offered private coaching in the past via phone and Skype with a great deal of success to my mentorees.  I would love to be able to do the same for you.

What You Get In Your Coaching

For a small coaching fee, I will provide either phone or Skype coaching to you with additional free email followup.  Together, we will identify objectives to help you in your goals and put together a plan to help you reach those goals.  My schedule is fairly flexible – and we can we can accomodate to work around your schedule.  I do NOT charge extra to coach teams…so use the time for yourself – or bring in the entire team for some team-building!

Start Your Personal Worship Coaching Today…

To participate in the one-on-one coaching program via Skype or telephone, click the “Add to cart” button below to make a payment for one hour of coaching.

or…if you want to get started by phone right now, click the “Call Me” button below (the button will show “Call Me” if I am currently available for a consult or “Arrange” if I am enganged with another student or unavailable.  If it reads “Arrange”, simply click it and arrange a time that we can speak.) for information on how to get started in your coaching via .I look forward to working with you to help build your worship team!