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Worship Leaders and Calvinism

Recently on my personal twitter at @jasonwhitehorn, I ran a twitter poll geared towards worship leaders and members of the worship community. I am offering the results without bias – and without so much as a glimpse into my thoughts on the issue. Instead, I’d love to point out the results – and then begin a healthy discussion.

One of the most interesting categories was the majority 36% who stated they weren’t really sure what Calvinism or being a Calvinist was group. This percentage – along with a question brought up by a peer during the course of the poll is what I want to focus on. The question asked to me was simply this: “What difference does it make what a worship leader views about Calvinism? It isn’t like he’s going to be preaching on it.” I will heavily submit to you that one’s view on the matter is important. Your soteriology and theology is a huge influencer on your ecclesiastical measures.

So, with that being said – what do YOU think? I’d love to hear a HEALTHY discussion about the topic in the comments section below.