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Worship Leaders! Can You Help With Some Quick Data?

If you have a moment, we’d like your help on some quick research.  If you are a worship leader, worship pastor, music minister, etc…could you give us the answers to three quick questions based on your status at the church where you are at?

Question #1…

What is your status as a worship leader or worship pastor?

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Question #2…

What is the size of your church each Sunday?

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Question #3…

In the comments section below, would you mind answering the following question:

“If you could attend the ideal conference this year for worship that addressed only three key areas/topics…what topics would you suggest/propose?”

Please use the comments section towards the bottom of the page in the “Leave a Reply” section for your answer.

You information today will be very helpful to us over the coming year!  Thanks, in advance!

18 thoughts on “Worship Leaders! Can You Help With Some Quick Data?”

  1. Min. Josette Dingle says:

    I don’t kow of any worship conferences.

    1. mm
      Jason Whitehorn says:

      Okay…lets assume that there was one coming to YOUR city. What three topics would you hope it had?

  2. Biscuit Ratliff says:

    Singing in congregational keys, importance of leading over singing (posture over performance), relevance.

  3. Kim says:

    Time management, people management (leadership of both volunteers and staff), creative planning (tips, tricks, hacks and processes).

  4. Ethan Tapscott says:

    1) Discipleship and what it looks like for Creatives
    2) Platform engagement and how to foster that in volunteers
    3) Vocal training and how to build a culture of togetherness

    1. mm
      Jason Whitehorn says:

      great suggestions

  5. Peggy Preston says:

    Building relationships in your worship team
    Handy apps that make planning easier
    How to motivate musicians to practice before rehearsal

    1. mm
      Jason Whitehorn says:

      and we ALL just said “amen” to the last one!

  6. Thomas A Hirschler says:

    Songwriting for worship
    Performance and stage presence
    Team building

  7. Meridith says:

    1. Shepherding/leading your team- going deeper as a team
    2. Technical 101
    3. New songs/ songwriting

  8. Brad Burke says:

    Worship team recruitment ideas

    Team training/musicianship building ideas

    Ideas to adapt the worship culture of a years-established, mainline-denominational congregation from a bystander/observer attender toward an outwardly expressive, passionate attitude of worship.

  9. David Montgomery says:

    The big topics that are meaningful to me:
    – How to plan and stick to your vision or the vision of the church and how to navigate the ambiguity often found when people question why you do something a certain way.

    – Ways to lead effectively on and off the stage.

    – How to lead and grow your volunteers.

  10. Rebecca H says:

    How to find your vision for your team

    How to make the most out of your practice times

    How to get your team to practice at home and want to get better

    How to get your team to have better unity and also the team wanting more unity

  11. Austin-Michael Komatz says:

    My favorite topics to be addressed are:

    The idea of worshipping rather than just performing
    The importance of worship
    Team training (technical, growing together, etc.)

  12. Michelle Iliff says:

    Training a team in spontaneous Worship.
    How to remain full when you’re constantly giving.
    Creating a worship culture in your church.

  13. Samuel Lawrence says:

    1. How to develop hunger for the Presence of God in me and my team

    2. Hosting the Presence of God

    3. Creating a deeper worship experience

  14. Jenni says:

    Singing in congregational keys, importance of leading over singing (posture over performance), relevance – missional worship. Actually, wouldn’t mind teaching this one!

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