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Worship Pastor For Rent

Somewhere in this world is a church in need of a worship pastor or worship leader. If you are a part of that church congregation – I would love to hear from you. My name is Jason Whitehorn … and I am a Worship Pastor For Rent.

I am a simple guy who is traveling through this world waiting for the day that I get to join a whole host of Saints and angels in a Heavenly choir in worship service that will never end. Until then – until I reach my permanant place of worship for eternity – I’d love to talk with you about spending the time I get blessed with on earth worshiping with your congregation. (Details about speaking at events or conferences below as well.)

Most of you know me as the Editor and Owner of got worship? Media, owner of, writer for Worship Leader Magazine,  or from various magazine/internet articles or speaking engagements and many would never assume that I may be looking for a job. I’ve worked in churches with over 7,500 and in churches under 100.  I am a pastor before I ever sing a single song.  I carry the heart…not just the title.

My family and I have a need to join a place that has better accessibility to family via conventional transportation (airport, car, etc as we are currently in North Dakota in ministerial calling in an area that is not financially sound to make travel reasonable) as we have family that is in deteriorating health and would love to be close and accessible to them for as long as possible during these worldly days.

Would you do me a favor? No matter what reason you have for reading this post today – I could use your assistance. Would you mind helping me in one of the following areas:

1. Pray: Pray that God will give me proper discernment as I talk with various churches about where I may end up. God has plans for me…and I want to ensure that God’s plans…and not mine are met.

2. Pass it along! : Do you know of a church who may be looking for a worship pastor or creative pastor? Would you please pass along this article and my contact info to them.

3. Share this! : You never know whose eyes God could put this article in front of at the right time. Take a moment and “ReTweet” this article and share the article on Facebook using the “Share” buttons to the left of this post and below. I’m really counting on your support for this one.

Want to learn more or see videos of Jason leading/teaching?  Visit 

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Jason In A Nutshell

I’m an Otter/Lion … and if you’ve never taken one of those tests before…just forget I mentioned it. If personality tests are something you like to hear about…then press onward. According to my “DISC Profile”, I am a “Natural Conducting Persuader” with an Adaptation to be a “Promoting Persuader”. In other tests, I am both an “Initiator” and a “Relater”.

To be frank, I’m not sure if it takes an Otter, a Golden Retriever, or “insert-your-favorite-animal-here” to have a heart to do worship…but I know it is what my heart yearns for – and I’d love to talk more to you about the possibility of being the Worship Pastor at your church.

Guest Speaking

In the past, I have steered clear of speaking events because of expenses involved and the time away from family. I understand that God may have bigger desires of me than the limits that I seem to put on myself sometime. I will no longer refuse all speaking engagements for worship-related events. I will, however, need to be selective about my time so that I can maintain a healthy amount of time with my family. Any travel arrangements and/or honorariums can be discussed via email or phone.

If you need someone to lead worship at your congregation – or to speak at your church, conference, meeting, etc…or if you would like to have me come and spend time with your team in instruction, teaching, and fellowship – let me know how I can best serve you and we can work out an arrangement.  Please email me at [email protected] and we can discuss any details.