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Worship Team. Worship God. Worship Him. Worship the Lamb. Worship the Lord. Let’s Worship.

If I could count how many times I’ve heard the word worship during the weeknight practice for the worship team (there, I said it again…) and on Sunday morning during both services, I would probably lose count. Have we become so comfortable with the word “worship” that we don’t even recognize the power that word alone holds anymore?

Sovereign Worship is worship to God and to God alone. It is not in the music we make, the notes we play, the tones of our voices or whether or not we raise our hands in abandonment or clap or lay them on the seat in front of us trying not to touch our neighbors coat. We focus so much on perfecting our gifts for that one or two hours on Sunday morning and making sure that we all have the same colors to wear, that sometimes, the team gets emphasized over the worship. Why is it that those random nights by a bonfire at the pastors house or a car ride to the beach often yield impromptu songs of worship that sound perfect coming out of honest hearts, and require no Thursday evening practice time at all?

Sovereign Worship is the connection between the exterior worship (all of the things we practice and plan for) and interior worship (our individual internal adoration we have for God). For perfect worship to exist, it must be an even marriage of both. Our attitudes toward interior worship are individual and unique from everybody else, and when exposed into outward manifestations of praise and worship, prove to be our own internal convictions with our own relationships with God. Some people shy away from the jumping and clapping while others embrace it. Some people fall in abandonment and others cannot shut their eyes. We each have separate and individual experiences with God and differing testimonies. We don’t all worship alike. The only thing we do have in common is our eternal future: praising forever the God we serve.

It may seem elementary to go back to where we began, the first time we stepped on stage and learned about what a worship team stands for. One of us has definitely prayed a few days ago before service that “they will only see You through us, God!”. It is so important that given the amazing gifts of song and music that we remember that there are two types of worship, that both must be present to be presented to God and create the most amazing experience for each person partaking in Sunday morning worship.

The word has power, don’t lose it!