Worshipbusters – What Kills Worship For You?

We are planning an upcoming series called “WORSHIPBUSTERS” that will involve…you.

We want to do a little advance research to find out the answer to the question:

“What is your biggest pet peeve during a worship service that hinders worship for you?”


“What does your worship leader/pastor/team do that really irks you and hinders worship for you?”

Are you a worship leader or pastor? Pass this question along to your staff and church members and don’t be afraid of their answers…let’s learn together through this!

Let’s hear those answers!

About Jason Whitehorn

Jason Whitehorn is a worship leader/pastor, Christian songwriter, mentor, public speaker and Christian music promoter/publicist. Jason's articles have been published in both online and National publications and has broadcast in both radio and television - reporting and anchoring for affiliates such as ABC, CNN, and CNN Headline News. Jason is the Redemptive Arts Pastor at Grace Church in the Indianapolis-Metro area.

19 thoughts on “Worshipbusters – What Kills Worship For You?

  1. I’m a member of a worship team and have my own worship ministry on the side. I’ve been to quite a few worship services where the worship leader felt he or she needed to have mini sermons between each song… Most of which either had nothing to do with the song or were them expressing something way personal about something they are struggling with. If I don’t feel led to speak between a song, I won’t.

  2. Bar none, DEAD SPACE between songs where the musicians are flipping through lead sheets or casually drinking water, or simply not paying attention. Its a spirit killer EVERY TIME! ~ Worship Leader The ARC, UPC

  3. At Lincoln Christian University, people who expect to be playing at every chapel just because they are a senior. We have a decent sized worship major, everyone needs the practice/chance to develop/worship.

  4. An out of tune guitar or a badly mixed set will distract me enough that I have to very consciously focus on the music and not the terrible sounds coming through the PA or from someone’s instrument.

  5. When I am in the middle of my worship,and all I hear is a crying child, that a mother just LEAVES there crying, instead of bringing them to the children’s room to cryout… that URKS me. Because I know that it disrupts everyone else… Not just me.

  6. I’m not a big fan of flashing lights that also flash into the audience. When I get into worship, get focused, and close my eyes, the last thing I want is some flashing lights (like rave-style) burning into my retinas. Lighting the stage is just fine – just don’t shine those at people trying to worship.

  7. The truth is that the biggest distraction for me personally is myself. While the worship team does help us worship. Worship is ultimately an intimate act between My God and Myself. If I have not come prayed up and confessed, if I have not live the life I should be, then I don’t think any worship band will make much of a difference. I need to be right with the Lord firsts. Also, Pride! The worship service isn’t about me alone. Some songs may really bring me into worship, others maybe not so much, but God also has many others there to minister to and receive worship from. Ultimately it is about Jesus and nothing else.

    1. Well said brother Jim. Worship starts at home and is something we should do daily through our daily godly living and having an attitude of worship every day toward our God and our Maker; not only for what He’s done but more importantly for who He is. It doesn’t start on Sunday and end there but rather it’s an everyday submittance to God. It is recognizing and allowing Him to have the highest place in your heart and life everyday through seeking Him in His word and through prayer and offering songs of worship to Him. It starts at home and explodes at the Sunday church service when an army of worshipers meet all excited from all the ways God showed His character in their lives throughout the week! Then when the worship team stands up there to usher the worshipers in His presence, they are already ready to give Him all the glory, honor and praise.

  8. When we get to church and a new song we have never practiced gets added to the list and the only person that knows it is the leader. The words that have been given to us are also different to what the leader is singing and our band warm up before the service starts is used up on this one song.

  9. When a song gets added to the songlist and weve never practiced it before, the only one who knows it is the leader and she sings the words differently to the ones she gave us.

  10. When we get to practice and stand around for an hour waiting for the music leader to organise herself

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