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You are a walking billboard…


I laughed today at church when I was given yet another bracelet to wear.  As you can see from the picture above, there is no shortage of bracelets on either of my arms.  It seems I wasn’t the only person who noted how many bracelets I had and wanted to know what each one was from.

I explained my plight about orphans and my support for Steven Curtis Chapman’s ShowHope organization to help adopt orphans.  I explained about my daughter making a “special” bracelet “just for daddy”, the bracelet that helps me to remember to pray about our college students, the bracelet that helps me remember to pray for our youth, the bracelet that reminds me each day that things are in God’s control, and the new bracelet that reminds me that – when it comes to spreading the Gospel – I AM “PLAN ‘A’”…and there is no “Plan ‘B’”.

As I explained these bracelets – I remembered how many times before I have had to explain my use of bracelets to other people.  Some of us wear our hearts on our sleeves…I guess I just wear mine on my wrist.

Aren’t we all the same?  We may not wear bracelets to show our support…but we are walking billboards in other ways.  You see, I’ve had more conversations started about my faith in God based on my life than a few bracelets.

Recently, I was out on a road trip with someone who does not attend church with me…in fact, church had really not come up before in past conversations.  As we were driving across the Nashville area, my associate asked me if I was hungry.  Before I could answer, he had started to turn into a Hooters restaurant.  While turning, he asked me “does your religion prevent you from going to Hooters?”  I quickly replied, “no, but my love and loyalty to my wife does.”

It is a small comment…but we spent the next long while talking about faith, religion, and my church over lunch (at Dairy Queen, mind you) as a result.

We know what people see of us on Sundays while we lead worship or play in the worship band or sing from the stage.  What does the billboard of your life show Monday-Saturday.  I can assure you, it is equally as – if not more – important than what we show the world on Sundays.