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You Might Have Noticed Some Changes…



If you are a regular at – you may be wondering “what’s going on with the site? Is it going away?” The answer is fairly simple…not exactly. Our ministry has – and will continue to be “got worship? Media” but will now fullfil most of its ministry on the web via our new website “”. In fact, there are three websites where you can find articles and blog posts for different tastes and needs in worship:

1. : This has now become our main website. Here, you will find articles on worship written by a collaborative team of worship team members from across the globe as well as various resources for worship leaders.

2. : This website will now archive older articles and is a great source for articles and devotionals for your worship team.

3. Our founder’s personal blog: Visit and you’ll never know what you’ll come up with from founder Jason Whitehorn. A new song? Creative video ideas? Weird ramblings about Canon DSLR photography? This is a potpouri of a worship leader’s thoughts and musings…scarf and TOMS not required.