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You Talk Too Much

You talk too much…seriously. Your congregation will tell you that. Don’t believe me? Ask your wife! One of the biggest complaints I hear from church-goers about their worship leader is that they either:

  • talk between every song
  • talk between every verse
  • always talk like they are on some type of depressants (and usually between each song and each verse)

Let me just say – there are appropriate times to talk during worship – however it has been my experience that most worship leaders who talk a lot do it out of one or two reasons…and sometimes both are related: Habit or nervousness/inexperience.

A tad bit of nervousness or stage fright would seem to be cured by simply saying something – because the silence seems awkward. Its those moments – those raw moments that words are expelled without thought and no other direction other than filler that cause a severe issue: you break the flow of worship.


The next time you find yourself in a loss for words…or even an awkward moment that the human side of you senses a need to fill an empty space with words – try one of two things:

1. Work on proper transitions. This is a huge area that I see worship teams struggling with. Lack of proper transitions tend to lead to awkward moments between songs because the team and leader simply don’t know how to handle space between the songs. Take special care in working on transitional chords between songs of a different key in a set. Have your keyboardist pad between two songs of the same key. Most importantly…work on these transitions in your rehearsals!

2. BE SILENT! Seriously. There is nothing that you can say that God through the Holy Spirit cannot say better. Sometimes it is best to be silent and hear what the Spirit has to say. The next time you can’t find the words to say…just simply say “let’s just take a moment and be silent and see what God would have to tell us.” …and then honor your own request…and be silent. Want to see how that works? Check out the video below.