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Your ears have a reason to rejoice.

A few weeks back, I asked a series of questions about in-ear monitors.  It is no big surprise that in-ears would be a huge topic as it seems to grace the top of our keyword searches each month.

The result of our polling was clear:  Those of you using in-ears love them – those of you who don’t wish you had them – those who want to buy want to buy at a low cost.

We get that…and so does one company who has led the way in in-ear technology for many years.

On October 1st, Westone announced something new in their custom in-ear market…the AC2 Acrylic Musicians’ Monitor.  Countless worship leaders have become familiar with Westone’s quality with their universal fit UM1, UM2, and UM3x series- now, Westone offers worship leaders and worship musicians a custom in-ear at an ear-opening, jaw-dropping low price of only $399.00.

I can speak first hand of the quality after hearing even the prototypes – the AC2 has a stunning sound for the price range.  It delivers an audiophile’s dream on a pauper’s budget.  I’ll be giving the AC2 a full workup and review over the next couple of months – but in the meantime, you’ll want to head on over to Westone’s new mini-launch page on the AC2 to learn more about the product and see how you can score a pair yourself!