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Monthly Archives: October 2019

“Imma Let You Finish, Kanye”

It was a few years back – not worth citing the actual year.  A pompous Kanye West grabs a mic from Taylor Swift while she was accepting an MTV Video Music Award and steals her moment.  The world sat in disbelief as West stole the

Building “Themes” In Worship Sets

Ever wondered how to craft “themes” within your worship sets?  Take a listen to this podcast where we answered a question from one of our readers/listeners on the subject of “themes”. Have a great suggestion yourself?  Leave a comment below!  We would love to

My Biggest Regret as a Worship Leader/Pastor

Someone recently asked a group of people – “What is your deepest regret as a worship leader/pastor?” My answer: “Not spending more time remembering that my greatest obligation has less to do with songs…but more to do with: “ (as you are)GO(ing) …tell the Gospel.”