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Hi!  Thanks for stopping by my page and taking the time to get to know me.  Some of you travel here because you looked up “Worship Leader Resumes” online and landed here.  Some of you are looking to build your own resume or looking to find the next place in ministry.  If I can be of assistance to you – please let me know.  I’ve spent hours talking and praying with prospective ministry candidates and don’t mind helping someone get plugged in.  Reach out to me at [email protected] and lets see how we can help you.

Others of you are here because you are looking for someone to fill a position at your church.  I’ve held a multitude of jobs – but there is none more satisfying than being a Worship Leader / Worship Pastor.   It is the only job that I have done that feels 100% right.  I make this page available for those who may be seeking a Worship Leader or Worship Pastor and to honor the fact that God knows, at all times, better than I do at where His journey will place me in life.  You can get to know me a little better, download my resumes, or send the link to someone else who may be looking for a Worship Leader or Worship Pastor.

I’d love to be clear and upfront – I’m not looking for a job.  I have a “job” right now that provides for my family and am in no need of an income.  I am open to the will of God to go where He places me and am willing to wait the course to slow down to find the church that needs a full-time worship arts pastor that is a fit for me…and I am a fit for them.  It may not be in my comfort zone…but God will help with that discernment.  If you are the church that needs me to make a decision by “next week”…then we may not need to talk.  At the same time, I’m not going to keep a prospective church hanging for discernment.  Before you watch any additional videos of me…before you read a word of my resume…please pray that God would be resounding clear with BOTH of us in the path of communications.


Serving with you,




Click below to view Jason’s resume in either online visual form or printable PDF form.

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I’ve been blessed to work with a lot of people.  Here are a few things that people have left for me on my LinkedIn account over the years.  Need references?  Please feel free to ask.  Send requests to [email protected], please.


(Worked with Jason before and want to leave feedback or provide a reference?  Please email feedback to [email protected]:



Click the images below to “stalk” me on social media and web.  (It’s okay if you “follow” and “friend” me, too.  I won’t bite.)

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If you are interested – or are looking to grow the Worship Arts ministry in your church – please feel free to contact me using the form below.


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Jason Teaching on Thankfullness 
Creative Video (created, shot, and edited by Jason)
Jason Teaching Didactic Worship
Full Service on “Worship



Are you doing the job you were made to do?

This is the question I hear all of the time.  I try not to answer it – because I would much rather answer another question:

Are you doing the job that God made you to do?



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