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An Art Lost in the Worship Leader World

I’m guilty of it – click bait.  What I titled as “An Art Lost in the Worship Leader World” could easily be “An Art Lost by Most Christians Today”.  It’s commiting to memory Scripture…or reading it with any regularity for that matter.  Perhaps, a better title for this should be “The Importance of Scripture”.  I want to share the journey that I’ve had in the past two weeks and why I understand the importance of Scripture and why each worship leader, pastor, and follower of Jesus should commit to reading Scripture, and memorizing it daily.

On January 17th I underwent a surgery to repair my shoulder and bicep.  I haven’t played guitar since October and have had an injury that has needed attention for quite some time to allow me to be healed and “fixed”.  As a complication from the surgery, I developed corneal ulcers that affected my line of sight.  Over the course of twenty-four very quick hours…I became, quite literally, blind.

I was rushed between three doctors in a matter of one day to diagnose and treat the issue.  One of the doctors, an eye doctor, became quite concerned.  He told me “I’m  utterly worried that you will lose your sight forever and perforation of your eye is begining.”  This was not news I needed to hear.  Over the next 72 hours, I underwent an agressive treatment that involved  having a portion of my cornea removed and biopsied and antibiotics used to treat MRSA dropped into my eyes every hour around the clock without fail.  My only opportunity to sleep was between the dosages of drops each hour.

I sat in a dark room – new to this word and thought: “I am blind.  I sat helpless to read emails, text messages, read facebook posts sent to me.  I had just released a new song and could do nothing to support it.  My wife and children had to read me anything that happened on my phone.

It was the next morning when my daily devotional time came that it hit me.  I cant read my Bible!  What was I going to do?  I prayed to God, as I had for so many hours before, for healing…but then I prayed for something more.  I prayed that God would help me to recall the Words I had read all my life to satisfy my longing in the moment.  I began reciting Scripture after Scripture.  God provided Words that comforted me.  Words that spoke of His promises.

There has been much progress in two weeks.  While I can not see much beyond shapes with my left eye, I can see to barely read with my right eye now.  I will need a prescription to be able to see better and the corneal specialist tells me that I am still 3-4 months away from knowing the extent of damage to my left eye.  He does know that my vision will likely never return fully to it.  Its a treasured comprimise, however, to have any sight at all.

There is a message in this.  It is a message that I feel compelled to convey to each of you.  We are busy in the craft that we have as worship leaders doing so much that we often take for granted the precious time to spend with God in Word.  No, I’m not talking about a few minutes reading your YouVersion plan and then marking off something from a list as if it is a task or chore.  i’m talking about reading and cherishing the Word of God as if it is the vital life line to God’s very breath to us – the source of lifegiving Word that is afresh each time we read it.

If we were to have such a compassionate conviction to refuse to leave behind our Bibles like we refuse to leave behind our iPhones, I am convinced that we would be stronger and mightier leaders of Levites…we would be, less “blind” ourselves these days.

Serving with you,